Easter closure for Puratos Simonswood site

Dear Valued Customer,

I am writing to inform you that our Liverpool site will be shut down for 1 week to conduct essential maintenance on a key part of our plant. We have picked the date of the shutdown to have as little an impact as we can for orders, but we will need some considerable support from you on the visibility of orders for this time

Factory Closedown from Friday 15th April to Sunday 24th April (this is the bank holiday Easter week)

This means the following:

For any deliveries 26th April through to Friday the 6th of May will have needed to be manufactured before 15th of April and as such we will need orders place by 11:00am on Friday the 18th of March. This means that for deliveries w/c 2nd May this will be a 6-week lead time

Orders placed w/c 21st March will be planned for production W/c 4th May and delivery W/c 11th

Order placed w/c 28th March will be planned for production W/c 11th May and delivery W/C 18th May

Orders placed W/C 4th May will also be planned for production W/c 11th May and delivery W/c 18th May – this will bring us back to 15 working days

We accept that this is well above our standard lead time, and we will work very closely with or production colleagues to improve where we can, but please could we ask that you work collaboratively with us and the customer services team through this essential work.

Kindest regards,

Andrea Norman

Customer Service Manager