Celebrating 25 years of Satin Creme Cake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Satin Creme Cake - Still going strong after 25 years

1 Feb 2018

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Based on an original American recipe, Puratos UK experts were the first to bring the crème cake concept over to Europe at our Fringford innovation centre. It rapidly became a best-seller across the globe! To the great enjoyment of cake lovers the world over.

The SATIN Crème Cake Range is made up of a selection of great tasting products for creating unlimited recipes... from the most simple every day cake to the most sophisticated desserts to biscuits and waffles.

It is a highly versatile mix or concentrate designed to deliver maximum originality, variety and quality. It can be enriched with different aromas, flavoured fruits, fillings and even alcohols! - setting no limit to your creativity.

The SATIN Cake Range will always deliver a great volume and a soft creamy texture.

Satin Crème Cake has travelled the world from Christmas in Manhattan, Satin goes Latin to the great British Cakefest, introducing creative ideas such as the Pinata cake, cocktail inspired cakes to cake toasties culminating into 80 cakes around the world recipe book – all recipes available online at

To celebrate Puratos are offering you the chance to try some of our delicious fillings for FREE!

Simply purchase 2 bags of Satin Creme Cake Mix plain or chocolate through participating distributors during Feb and March and you will receive a free filling with your order

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