Scotch Morning Roll with Sourdough


Working Method

  • Add all ingredients to the mixing bowl including the water.
  • Mix for 3 mins slow and 8 mins fast.
  • Temperature of the dough after mixing should be around 25C.
  • Let dough rest for 10 mins.
  • Put the dough through the Konig roll plant, set to 60g roll.
  • Take the round dough pieces off the belt of the Konig and dip into durum semolina and place on a UK 18x30inch baking tray with silicone paper, 5 across and 8 down 40 on a tray.
  • Once trayed up transfer to the proofing box.
  • Prove for 3 hours at 35oC and 85% humidity.
  • Take out of the proofing cabinet and put into the oven.
  • Bake in a deck oven for 12 mins approx. 230c top 220c bottom.
  • Take out of the oven and bang the trays to allow trapped steam to exit the trays and place in a rack to cool. Once cool pack in 6s. 

About this recipe

The Scotch Morning Roll blends traditional Scottish baking with the artisanal touch of sourdough. Perfect for bakers looking to expand their breakfast offerings, these rolls provide a fluffy texture and a complex flavour profile. The sourdough not only enhances the nutritional benefits but also imparts a distinctive tang, making these rolls a versatile base for both sweet and savory toppings.


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