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Our suitable for vegan range.

Patisserie mixes

Vegan friendly cake, scone and mousse mixes to make a variety of products quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Cake improvers

Vegan friendly improvers in powder form for the production of cakes and muffins, increasing the softness and freshness of your cake.

Specialty fats

Laminating, pastry and cake fats and release agents all 100% vegan.

Decors, non-dairy creams and fruit fillings

Non-dairy toppings, icings, fruit fillings and decors, suitable for vegan diets.


Vegan friendly, ready to use and concentrated glazes for all pastry, cake and dessert applications - including an egg wash alternative.

Real Belgian Chocolate

Real Belgian Chocolate produced only in Belgium available in chunks, chips, shavings and easi-melt buttons - all of our plain chocolate is vegan friendly.

Day part - cater for all your consumers' needs.


With 95% of UK adults eating breakfast - 55% of people say they eat it at home every day, almost half (49%) sometimes eat breakfast out of home (Mintel). A suitable for vegan breakfast offer is essential in retail and foodservice.


Snacking has become known as the 4th meal of the day and is continuing to grow as mealtimes become more blurred. It is important to cater for time of day with variety of vegan options.

On the go

Food to go is a great opportunity for growth, according to IGD "The food to go market is growing by 6% each year. FTG was worth £17bn in 2018 and is forecast to reach £23.5bn by 2022." Vegan options play a key role in the growth of this market.

Sweet treat

In a world where consumers are looking for healthier alternatives there is still a desire to indulge, it’s important to keep innovating with new sweet treats for customers following a vegan lifestyle.

Afternoon tea

One of the key 'eating out' trends of the moment is afternoon tea. Consumers are looking for delicious and Instagram worthy experiences that offer suitable for vegan options so that everyone can enjoy them.  

Consumer views on vegan

The number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2018**

and predicted to be over ¼ of UK population by 2025 and with more vegan products launched in the UK than any other nation in 2018 it is clear that businesses need to add vegan lines to meet consumer demand.

Products certified by the Vegan society

Our products that are certified by the Vegan Society offer further reassurance that an audit of the raw materials has taken place to be 100% sure that they contain no added animal products or derivatives. Please be aware that products certified by the Vegan Society may also contain traces of milk and egg by carryover but we take steps to minimise this.

What Vegan means to us

Our ‘suitable for vegan’ products do not have ingredients added to the recipe that are derived from animal products. They are manufactured in factories that do use eggs, milk and gelatine in other products, so we take steps to minimise carryover in our ‘suitable for vegan’ products. However, very small traces of these ingredients may still appear.

*Puratos Taste Tomorrow Study 2019**Sources: Ipsos Mori survey, commissioned by The Vegan Society, 2018, and The Food & You surveys, organised by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the National Centre for Social Science Research (Natcen)