With over 8.500 employees in 70 subsidiaries around the world - we have doubled our headcount over the last 10 years - Puratos wishes to invite you to join our growing, global team. 10.000 Puratos colleagues are foreseen in 2020 to ensure we achieve our development objectives.


At Puratos, we do our best to make sure all our employees feel happy and fulfilled. People are at the heart of everything we do, and we want to make sure you can grow your career, skills, and passions as we continue to grow our business.

With over 10,000 employees in over 81 subsidiaries around the world, we’ve doubled our headcount over the last 10 years. We are always on the lookout for new talent and would love to have you on board!

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Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working

We have a range of hybrid working jobs where you will have the opportunity to work from home as well as within any of our sites.

Buckingham & Fringford Jobs

Buckingham & Fringford Jobs

For our job vacancies in Buckingham and our Fringford innovation centre, located near Bicester, find out more.



Our Liverpool site based in Simonswood, houses technical, HR, R&D and operational roles.



Our Puratos Fourayes jobs are located in Kent and have office, production and seasonal roles.


No matter what we do, we always put our people first! At Puratos, we firmly believe that excellent people are behind our group’s success. As an inclusive workplace, we fully embrace diversity and equal opportunities for all. In fact, we know that a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, skills, knowledge, and ideas can only make for an even stronger global organization. We work hard to understand the unique cultures of the countries and communities we work with, and a diverse team plays a crucial role in developing this understanding. When we truly understand our clients, we are able to offer much better service. Understanding also allows us to celebrate different cultures, both locally and globally.


At Puratos, we aim to bring people together. That is one of the reasons we hold our values and working principles so dear. By combining consistency with diversity, making sure everything is done the right way no matter where we are, we can achieve the very best for our bakers, patissiers, and chocolatiers around the world. We call this the Puratos magic! It’s all about inspiring people, having a common purpose, and coming together to achieve extraordinary results. Experience the Magic of being yourself! Search our current vacancies to put your passion for business into action or find out more about our training and development opportunities below.



Continuous improvement forms an integral part of our working principles. Your career progression is just as important to us as it is to you, which is why your learning journey with Puratos will begin as soon as you join us. 

From day one, you will join our induction program, known as the Puratos Welcome Journey. Over the first 6 months of this program, we will introduce you to our company history, culture, products, and customer approach, as well as teaching you about our commitments to you and future generations. You will also meet key stakeholders, and will be supported by an experienced mentor along the way.  

At Puratos, we believe in long-term goals even more than quick wins. As such, once your welcome journey has come to an end, you will benefit from the continued support of our internal and external networks, where all our employees can share their combined knowledge. Applying best practices and making the most of our innovations and capabilities along the way will also help you succeed. 

Our in-house Puratos University allows all employees to build their own signature learning experience, which covers both technical competencies and “soft” skills. We want to enable our future leaders to develop into passionate ambassadors of the Puratos culture. We understand the importance of diversity along your career path, which is why we developed a model that enables you to choose to further develop your skills in either an expert or managerial capacity. All our employees can therefore take on more responsibility and continue to grow their careers in the direction they choose. 

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