Fruit Fillings


A taste of nature

Discover how our wide range of fruit fillings, packed with up to 70% of top-quality fruit, can make your creations look delicious and taste even better. From Bramley apples to wild blueberries, we help you harvest the best of what nature has to offer and use it to make your imagination come true.

At Puratos we value all different aspects of our fruit fillings business: natural taste, cleaner label, sourcing expertise, great performance and excellent consumer understanding.



Puratos works with farmers throughout the year so you can enjoy fruit with the perfect texture and flavour. We are sure your customers, like you, will be able to see and taste the difference.



We are passionate about helping you to create great products. That's why we insist out fruit fillings are as natural as they can be, almost directly from field to fork. Together, we are able to deliver products that are honest, of consistent quality, and packed full of fruit, showcasing your craftsmanship and skill.



With many years of experience in pastry, we have developed our fruit fillings to meet the required performance needed for your production process and shelf-life expectations (stability in freezing and baking). This means you can now deliver the creations you have always imagined.



With Puratos as a partner, you get access to our most recent consumer insights. Our research confirms that fruit fillings are the most sought after ingredients in a pastry. Did you know that 54% of consumers believe that fruit fillings are healthy while 89% believe they add to the taste?

Fruit Sourcing

Our fruit sourcing programme aims to embed sustainability through the entire value chain, from the sourcing of raw materials to the usage of products by customers and consumers.

In the UK, Puratos Fourayes brings to life our commitment to sourcing local fruits and specific varieties for a differentiated taste, while offering transparency to customers and consumers. The BRC AA rated factory is surrounded by 100-acres of English Bramley apple orchard. Using apples from our orchards and soft fruits from other local farms, Puratos Fourayes is able to offer farm to fork traceability on some of our delicious fillings and jams.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Together, along with the nearby farms to Puratos Fourayes, we are Red Tractor Farm Assured. We buy soft fruit, including strawberries and raspberries, from nearby farms that don't meet the visual standards of retailers and might otherwise go to waste. These quality local fruits are the ideal product for our jams, purees, and fruit fillings. Our sustainable practices at Fourayes help to preserve wildlife on the farm and include bug hotels placed in every orchard to help create biodiversity and regulate pest control naturally. Our beehives on the farm help with pollination. On the rest of our site, our Water Treatment Plant recycles rainwater, and our Dynamically Controlled Atmosphere helps us reduce fruit waste as we can store fruit for up to 13 months alongside our Ultra Low Oxygen Storage which can store fruit for a few months.

Every Patisserie Creation has a Story to Tell

At Puratos, we believe that every patisserie creation has a story to tell. More than ever, consumers crave authentic, delicious patisserie creations that have exciting textures and flavours.

Our Taste Tomorrow research confirms that consumers want to know the stories behind their favourite patisserie items and they also want to understand the impact the food has on their health and that of the planet.

How to better satisfy your customers? To meet these demands, we re-invent Patisserie.

Patisserie Classics remain extremely popular and the 'Classic' in patisserie is the starting point for reinventions and new stories thanks to unexpected texture combinations, sugar reduction, plant-based, with more fruit or more sustainable creations.


A range of delicious fruit fillings, Topfil is packed with up to 90% fruit pieces and is the perfect solution for consumers looking for more natural food.


Cremfil is a range of ready-to-use cream fillings designed for use in bakery and patisserie goods.