3 healthy recipes to re-invent indulgence with fruits

The world of Patisserie is in constant evolution. Our taste tomorrow research shows consumers are looking for tastier & healthier products, cleaner ingredients and more information on the sourcing of their food. The COVID pandemic has bolstered focus on overall health and immunity, with consumers seeking foods and ingredients that support and/or improve personal health.

At Puratos we want to answer those trends by creating great tasting patisserie, re-inventing indulgence. Fruit fillings is one of the best solution as more fruit creates more taste and new sensorial experiences while we maximally reduce sugar and additives.

We have challenged our pâtissiers to share with us 3 of their favorite healthy recipes in the hope to inspire you to create, bake, cook and eat with balance in mind. Health & great taste go hand in hand; and luckily for us, they have become the experts in finding the perfect middle ground.

Pecan banana castella cake

Texture is the new taste nowadays for consumers. 66% would like to try food with different textures. With our castella banana cake, we combine taste & texture without compromising on healthiness.

Castella is a Portuguese cake that became quickly adopted in Japan.  It has an extremely moist and chewy mouthfeel with a very fine cake crumb. In this recipe we flavoured the cake with a bit of honey and combined it with our Topfil finest smooth banana 70%. This fruit filling  contains 70% of bananas and has the smooth texture of a homemade banana puree. And to add a “banana on the cake” it doesn’t contain any additives nor preservatives. Only goodness from nature. Finally, we added a caramelized pecan praline to bring a toasted flavor and crunchiness to the cake.

This cake is perfectly reinventing indulgence by combining new textures, adding more fruits and balanced nutritional values!

Apricot Creamy Cloud

Taste is paramount when it comes to buying patisserie, but there is more to it. Consumers want to be wowed by all their senses. It also has to be a feast for their eyes. And that is exactly what our apricot creamy cloud is offering. In one bite you will experience the crunchiness of the base made of a short crust and our Pralicrac pecan, then the smoothness of the goat cheese honey mousse combined with the juiciness & freshness of our Topfil Finest apricot. A full experience of the senses to reach the sky of indulgence!

Our Topfil Finest apricot contains 70% of apricots. We blended apricot origins from Greece & Italy to enrich the taste and the color. Its sweetness balances perfectly the light sourness of the goat cheese

Fruit filled waffle

Always have been looking for an indulgent though healthy afternoon snack for your kids? This fruit filled waffle is maybe your answer! It is inspired by the traditional Belgian waffle made in Liège with sugar lumps. This reinvented version is loaded with 70% of fresh strawberries, is low in sugar and contains no additives nor preservatives. The shape of the waffle is inspired by honeycombs made by bees! What a healthy indulgent experience for your kids!

We hope you got hungry after seeing these deliciously healthy recipes!

If you want the perfect balance between authentic taste & naturalness combined with the necessary performance for fresh & frozen patisserie & laminated pastry, think Topfil Finest. This fruit filling contains 70% fruit, is naturally low in sugar and has no preservative nor additives at ambient storage! We don’t add anything unnecessary. Instead, we merely rely on the natural goodness of the fruit that we carefully source from nature and process. Your best fruity option to reinvent indulgence while eating healthy!