4 key health trends of 2020 and beyond

Lockdown brought a shift in health trends and priorities

By Lydia Baines, Digital and Communications Manager, Puratos UK

I have worked in the food industry for over 15 years and one area I am passionate about is food trends and consumer insights, this year has brought many changes that will have lasting effects.

Reports state that on average consumers in the UK put on 3kg in weight over the lockdown period – leading to a rise in obesity levels especially concerning to the younger generation, what does this mean for the food industry?

The government targets obesity levels and the link to coronavirus – helping consumers make ‘informed decisions’

Obesity and weight loss – tackling products that are high in fat, sugar and salt.

Products and messages NEED to change

  • Range reviews and reformulation are a must – consumers are open to it
  • Look for natural ways to improve nutritionals
  • Opportunity for healthier snacking options

Marketing to the consumer

  • Front of pack labelling
  • Highlight calorie levels
  • Promotion of healthy food products

Release from lock-down was seen by many as a ‘fresh start’

Following the initial lockdown consumers have continued to invest effort and time into their health regimes.

Retailers are dedicating more shelf space to healthy foods, consumers are looking for product with health benefits; Puratos UK consumer research shows consumer want more fruit, fibre and grains & less sugar & fat – its time to get on board with this trend!

Products with health benefits

  • Incorporate vegetables into products
  • Fresh vibrant healthy flavours
  • High in ‘power ingredients’
  • Natural ingredients
  • VITAMIN and MINERAL claims

Highlighting health benefits on packaging, online and in-store

  • Using healthy language such as ‘boost’
  • Multiple health claims

Gut health continues to reign in the wellness world with more health links becoming apparent

Some experts believe that countries such as Germany & South Korea have done so well with the coronavirus is that a key part of their diets are fermented foods

The gut is becoming known as the second brain and the bodies ‘secret weapon’.

•       In some countries people are prescribed kefir after taking antibiotics

•       Affects mental health – 95% serotonin is made in the gut

•       Recommended diet of wholegrains, fruit, veg and fermented food.

•       Gut health is a key part of anti-inflammation diets

The food industry responds to plant based

Over half British people feel the pressure to reduce their meat intake (Chewsy), figures from law firm EMW revealed a 128% increase in new trademarks registered for vegan food in the UK

43% choose to reduce their meat intake due to 3 reasons ‘the vegan trifactor’ “concern for health, environmental or animal rights reasons”

•       Vegan curious are driving sales

•       Celebrity endorsement of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets continues to          influence #gamechangermovie

•       Blended foods are in growth; part meat / part meat substitute - helping to                   reduce meat intake.

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