Adding texture and taste has never been easier

9 Jan 2020

Improve texture & shelf life

Adding inclusions to cakes and patisserie can be technically challenging. But not with Puratos' new, innovative and super easy-to-use inclusion for cakes and patisserie: Smoobees. Inspired by the molecular technique of ‘spherification’, these soft beads lend a creamy texture and a rich taste to every bite. Let Smoobees help boost your cake offering. 

For producers, it can be quite a challenge to work with fillings, fresh fruits or other inclusions, into cakes and patisserie. Using a filling requires injection equipment; and fresh fruits need to be stored in a freezer. Moreover, they can negatively influence the bake stability of the baked goods, and due to the weight, it is not always easy to achieve an even distribution throughout the product. Smoobees addresses all these challenges, while offering producers a new and creative playground to explore.

Smoobees can be included without having to adapt your production processes. Smoobees is ready-to-use. You just add it to the cake batter at the end of the batter mixing. There is no need for special injection equipment. And even more important: the beads are resistant to the different steps of the industrial production process. The beads burst with flavour, so it’s now super easy to switch and mix flavours within existing recipes. Smoobees can be stored in a dry space at ambient temperature.

Smoobees helps you to be on-trend

According to the latest Taste Tomorrow survey results, for consumers, taste is not just about the flavour, the texture is equally important. Smoobees helps you bring a rich taste as well as a deliciously smooth, melting texture to your cakes that will surprise your customers!

The product is 100% plant-based and therefore the perfect base for any vegan application or lactose-free cake option. And it’s free of any artificial flavours or colours. When comparing Smoobees with other inclusions, like chocolate chunks or candied dried fruits, a 15% dose of Smoobees in the cake batter can help reduce the fat percentage of your cakes by 15% to 25%.

How to work with Smoobees

Let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

When and how should I add Smoobees during my baking process?

  • You add Smoobees at the end of the batter mixing process, when the batter is already formed. Then mix at low speed for another minute to ensure a good distribution of Smoobees through the batter.

For which applications can I use Smoobees?

  • Smoobees can be used in all kinds of cake products. For example muffins, cupcakes, cake donuts, layer cakes, loaf cakes, snack cakes, and so on. It can also be used as decoration on a diverse array of patisserie items.

Won’t the soft structure break during the production process?

  • No, the product is designed with maximum resilience. Even during the industrial production process, withstanding the movements of industrial mixing, pumping, depositing, baking, unmoulding, cutting, freezing and thawing. Smoobees will not melt during the baking process: it’s 100% bake stable. 

Are there other shapes or sizes available? 

  • At introduction we offer Smoobees in one size (6-7mm) and shape. If there is an interest in a different size or shape, we are happy to investigate your request.

Can I pipe Smoobees?

  • Yes, it can be piped with a piping bag, through injection nozzles, and even flow through industrial transport pipes while remaining intact.

Interested in Smoobees?

Smoobees is now available in three original flavours: lemon, blueberry and caramel. But more flavours, fruity and non-fruity, will follow! If you’re interested in experiencing what Smoobees can add to your cake offering.