16 Aug 2018

About Puratos

The Puratos Global Graduate Programme is open to trainees from all over the world. Earlier, we gave you a peek into the lives of trainees from Brazil, Belgium and the USA. In this article you will become acquainted with two trainees from China. Jessica will give us insight in the social aspect of a traineeship, while Winnie will discuss the selection process in greater detail.

The social aspect of a traineeship

Jessica Wang (26) had just completed a six-month internship in Singapore for an e-commerce start-up when she became a trainee at Puratos in July 2017. “I was very interested in the food production industry. And as the rotation programme enables me to see the whole picture of a mature corporation within a relative short period of time, I decided to apply. It’s the perfect way to figure out which job suits me best and vice versa.”

Jessica is convinced that the social aspect is important in every traineeship. “If communication between trainees is good, you can exchange information about the traineeship. That way, you can compare notes and work towards improvement at both a local and global level.” All graduates gathered recently in Brussels to meet each other to exchange on the programme. And because of the different projects graduates participate in, they also get well acquainted with their colleagues within Puratos. Jessica feels a special bond with Winnie, who entered the programme at the same time. “We’re quite close, thanks to our similar background and the fact that we’re currently the only two trainees in China. So, we have a lot of thoughts and experiences to share with each other. Plus, she is an enthusiastic foodie and a great person to hang out with!”

Daniel Malcorps, CEO of Puratos, welcomed the Global Graduate Trainees in Brussels

A thorough selection process

Winnie Xu (26) became a trainee after obtaining her Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing. With a passion for baking, she decided to seize the opportunity of being able to rotate in different jobs and roles across the world. So she applied for a traineeship and entered into the selection process.

Winnie: “I could tell from the step-by-step selection process and the experienced interviewers that the company attaches great importance to this programme. It took several steps to get from the incipient online test to the final interview. The level of the traineeship is high, and the online test was quite challenging. It helps a lot if you have a certain level of knowledge in food science and the bakery sector.

My advice to people who are considering to apply? Do it.
Throughout a three-year traineeship you get the opportunity to develop your skills like proactive thinking, team collaboration and flexibility.”

A traineeship at Puratos can give your career a big boost. Do you want to seize this opportunity just as Jessica and Winnie did? Look for our programme recruitment adverts on LinkedIn, your school careers service and our Puratos jobs page.