Grains & Seeds: the future bread & butter of the bakery industry

17 Sep 2020

More than ever before, health is wealth. For consumers around the world, health and consuming healthy food has become a major concern. In a survey conducted by Ipsos in April 2020, 28.000 consumers were asked whether they would seek healthier and more sustainable products after the crisis was over. Worldwide, 79% said they would1.

Today’s idea of healthiness has evolved. When we conducted our Taste Tomorrow survey in 2015, healthy food was about removing “bad” ingredients, such as salt, sugar and fat. Nowadays, however, health is also about adding “good” ingredients, such as fibre, grains & seeds and protein. It’s about less and more at the same time2. ​This trend has accelerated during the covid crisis, as consumers increasingly seek food that will boost their health. We see an example of this in China, where health has become the first purchase criterion, before taste and freshness. Chinese consumers are increasingly likely to seek food with added vitamins and nutrients  or food claiming to strengthen their immune system3

[1.]  Ipsos April 2020 – n = 28029 – Q: I will seek out products that are healthier and better for the environment
[2.] Taste Tomorrow survey 2019
[3.] Puratos proprietary  Post-Covid Consumer Research, Fieldwork March-June 2020 


Grains and seeds have always been an important part of our diet, providing us with energy and many nutrients, such as fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Now that people pay more attention to the healthiness of their food, they are looking for simple ways to increase their intake of these nutrients. 

According to our Taste Tomorrow survey, 60% of consumers believe that adding ingredients such as wholegrain to food makes it healthier and 30% even look for grains on the ingredient list2.
Again, we can see that this trend has accelerated with the covid crisis, as highlighted in the graph below. We asked ‘when buying baked goods, which of these products would you consume more of as part of a healthier diet?’

Fibre and grains scored very well and are among the priorities for consumers in all countries3.


[3.] Puratos proprietary  Post-Covid Consumer Research, Fieldwork March-June 2020 

Not only adding flavour and texture to bakery foods, grains & seeds contribute towards our daily dose of fibre. As an essential nutrient, fibres help us to maintain a healthy weight and a stable blood sugar level, reduce our diabetes risks, heart disease risks, lowering cholesterol and help with digestion4 . The graph below shows that consumers are aware that fibre and wholegrain add to the healthiness of bread5

Nevertheless, we observe that globally, only 5% of people actually meets the recommended daily consumption of around 30g of fibre per day4. This gives us a great opportunity to help people increase their consumption!


[5.] Taste Tomorrow 2019: To what extent do you think that fibre/wholegrain add to the healthiness of bread? 


By offering consumers delicious and indulgent breads which are full of wholegrains and seeds and rich in fibre, we can help them easily increase their daily fibre intake. Let’s take a look at some of our great recipes:

Puravita Pulses Focaccia

This delicious focaccia has a nutty taste that will make a great addition to all your aperos and celebrations. It is rich in fibre, a great source of plant-based protein and low in saturated fats.

Wholemeal bread with Sprouted Rye

This wholemeal bread is a true Belgian classic, revisited with Sprouted Rye to give an upgrade to your everyday bread. Not only is it good for you thanks to its richness in fibre, the sprouted rye also bring a delicious twist: these naturally sweet grains have a nice caramel flavour to perfectly roundup your meal.

Apple, apricot & fig bread with Softgrains 

This delightful bread with grains and sourdough is also full of delicious pieces of fruit, bringing real indulgence to bread. Full of fibre and natural sweetness, this bread is perfect for your lazy Sunday brunch or as a treat.

Do you want to know how Puratos’ solutions can support you in nurturing today’s lifestyles, or in capitalising on global and regional Health & Well-Being trends?