How to boost your wholegrain category

25 Sep 2018

Bakery mixes

Consumers are getting increasingly conscious and critical about health benefits linked to the food they eat. Following perfectly this trend, wholegrain is now the star ingredient. Actually, in 2018, 41% of consumers all over the world are eating wholegrain several times a week*.

What is wholegrain?

Many consumers have a preference for ingredients that are both tasty and healthy. For 76% of consumers** , wholegrain is one of those ingredients. That makes wholegrain a real sales booster on the ingredients list of your bread products. But what exactly is wholegrain? And how do you create the perfect wholegrain bakery item?

Wholegrain products include the entire germ (the nutrient rich inner part), endosperm (the starchy middle layer) and bran (the outer layer) of the wheat grain. Wholegrain products were consumed as such centuries ago and now, the consumer goes back to wholegrain for its health benefits and authentic taste.

How to create the best wholegrain bakery item

Today, wholegrain is everywhere. So how can you stand out from the crowd with your wholegrain category? By insuring perfect volume, long-lasting freshness, a natural appearance and perfect taste whatever the application. In order to do that, it’s necessary to:

  • Avoid any hard grains
  • Select the right grain and seeds 
  • Avoid off-flavour 
  • Keep optimal dough tolerance 
  • Obtain a consistent result batch after batch 
  • Achieve volume and oven jump 
  • Avoid crumbliness 

Those challenges should be completed while keeping the bread profitable and that’s where Puratos comes in and supports you.

Baking wholegrain made easy

Puratos has developed different solutions to be your best partner in the wholegrain category: ready-to-use grains, grain mixes and a specific wholemeal improver.

  • Specialty Grains: ready-to-use wholegrain products, seeds and sprouted grains enhanced with natural fermentation .
  • Puravita: a unique and innovative range of delicious and nutritious breads loaded with grains and seeds. 
  • S500 Wholemeal: a clean(er) label improver specifically crafted for wholemeal-flour and wholegrain bread applications.

* Puratos wholegrain survey, 2018
** Taste Tomorrow survey, 2015

Interested in how Puratos can help you saving time and improving the quality of your wholegrain bread? Don’t hesitate to contact your Puratos representative.