Why a traineeship at Puratos will kickstart your career

25 Jun 2018


Do you want a career in the world of food? Rafael Fini, a 26-year old Brazilian trainee participating in the Puratos Global Graduate Programme, considers the programme a kickstart to his career. “The broad knowledge that I can gain about Puratos and our market over the course of the three-year programme will give me the tools I need to have a positive impact on our businesses.”

A fast track covering all areas and businesses

Rafael started his traineeship in January 2018. He always wanted to be in the food industry but never had the opportunity until he came across Puratos' Global Graduate Programme. “This was the ideal opportunity for me to get into this industry and the wide-ranging job rotation opportunities sounded really interesting. It's a fast track which enables participants to learn about Puratos and its different areas and businesses. In my trainee track, I'm working in 3 different areas (Marketing, Sales and Finance), going through all of Puratos' different business areas (Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate).”

Focus and diversity at the same time

A Puratos trainee will have one main focus, but will get assignments in other areas as well in order to learn as much as possible. Rafael: “The main focus of the traineeship programme is in Product Management, but I will also have assignments in other areas, with a higher focus on sales. The idea is for me to lead a total of 8 projects over the course of the whole trainee programme, each of them lasting 3 to 7 months and related to the area I'm assigned to.

Impact on Key Issues in the Company
Being a Puratos trainee allows you to have a positive impact on the company right from the start of your traineeship, even on an international level. “In general, my projects are linked to key issues and businesses in the company, allowing me to bring some new perspectives to them and act as a catalyst to move things forward.”

High level of autonomy

“One of the best things about the traineeship is the high level of autonomy that I have to develop the projects I am assigned. My manager usually gives me the goal or challenge and I am free to plan and execute the project, involving the required people. In this process, I can always count on Puratos' guidance and support to help me in any way whatsoever.”

Getting bored is impossible

All trainees are given the opportunity to become familiar with and experience different areas of the company, learning about the different challenges and perspectives of each one and developing an interdisciplinary and complementary knowledge of Puratos.
“To me, the diversity is the best part of this programme. The dynamic of working in different areas and businesses, knowing their routines, perspectives and mindsets is a unique opportunity to learn fast and develop an overall view of the company. It also makes my routine really dynamic and fun, I’m always involved in new activities and challenges. It’s impossible to get bored!”

Maximise your learning
The Global Graduate Programme is a unique opportunity for anyone with an interest in food, thinks Rafael.
“Food is definitely the thing you will think and talk about most during your working life here.” But to make the most of this opportunity, you need other character traits as well.
“I think that curiosity and proactivity are the two main characteristics a Puratos trainee must have. These are important to maximise the learning and the impact you can have over the course of the 3-year track, reaping the benefits of this unique opportunity and getting ready to perform to a high standard in the role you are assigned after the programme.”

Make these character traits work for you and let the Puratos’ traineeship kickstart your career!

Do you want to kickstart your career just like Rafael Fini? Are you a top graduate with an interest in food and are you wanting to gain experience across multiple domains? Look out for our programme recruitment adverts on LinkedIn, with your University careers service or on our Puratos jobs page.