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Today’s consumers are looking for delicious, authentic patisserie with exciting textures and flavors. In addition, our Taste Tomorrow research indicates that consumers love to hear the stories behind their favorite treats! They are also keen to understand the impact of the food they eat on their health and the planet. This is why we would like to work with you to reinvent patisserie and help you to better tap into the very latest consumer requirements for patisserie. 

Each of our ‘reinventions’ begins with a classic patisserie recipe, one that is already adored and treasured somewhere in the world. From there, we re-develop the recipe in a creative way, so as to come up with a version that has greater focus on health and well-being, as well as one that is more sustainable. 

At Puratos, we are really eager to tell these patisserie stories. And we would like to help you create your own patisserie stories, so that you can surprise and delight your customers as well as growing your business!

Discover all the stories based on the Black Forest Cake below.

The story behind the classic

The classic Black Forest Cake recipe was created in 1915 by a German pastry chef, Joseph Keller, who put together the ingredients of cream, cherries and chocolate in a new patisserie creation. The Cake was originally a dessert served in a restaurant, but it was such a success that Keller’s customers asked him to make a take-away version for them to enjoy at home. That’s why he added layers of sponge cake. Some claim that the Black Forest Cake was inspired by the colors – black, red and white – of the traditional dress worn by people in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany. Others claim that it was the dark chocolate shavings that decorate the cake that inspired the name, because they are reminiscent of the trees in the Black Forest.

The creative story

For the creative reinvention, we made a fusion of 2 classics, the Black Forest and the éclair. For this éclair, we added all the main components of the Black Forest cake (cherry, cream and chocolate) to obtain the same taste, flavor and texture of the classic Black Forest. An éclair filled with mouth-watering Black Forest ingredients becomes a perfect dessert for any occasion, as well as offering a complete and delicious surprise for any customer!

The health & well-being story

Our Taste Tomorrow research revealed that people are increasingly seeking healthier foods but without wishing to sacrifice flavor. To meet this demand, we have created a healthier version of the Black Forest cake, which features Topfil Finest Cherry 70% and has a reduced sugar content of 30%, thanks to using Festipak whippable cream alterntive. Not only is this version of the Black Forest healthier, it is even more delicious, with the added fruit Topfil providing an extra burst of flavor! This healthier version of the Black Forest is perfect for customers who want to enjoy an indulgent treat without compromising their health.

The sustainable story

At Puratos, we care about the planet. We are committed to a sustainable future for chocolate through our Cacao-Trace program, which focuses on better tasting chocolate that comes from a process that creates value for everyone, from farmer to consumer. So of course, for this sustainable reinvention of the Black Forest Cake we used Cacao-Trace chocolate. We also added the plant-based whipping cream alternative Ambiante. We aim to make a positive tomorrow already today!

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We believe that reinventing patisserie is crucial to meeting these changing demands. We would like to collaborate with you in crafting traditional patisserie that captures the hearts and tastes of people worldwide.

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