Carat Nuxel, honestly delicious

As a baker, patissier or chocolatier you enjoy creating the finest delicacies to indulge your customers. And yet over and above simply the next level taste and texture food experience, consumers also want food that is ethical.

Made with sustainable ingredients, and delightfully balanced in both taste and texture, Carat Nuxel fillings are perfect for every type of creation. With Carat Nuxel the possibilities are endless.

Carat Nuxel, a range of premium and sustainable nut fillings will raise your creations to an even higher level.

The right ingredients to go absolutely nuts

It all starts with the careful selection of the right ingredients.

Delicious and sustainable nuts are the key ingredients in Carat Nuxel. With at least 12% of pure nuts in every Carat Nuxel filling, they are the essential tastemakers. This ensures that Carat Nuxel has the uniquely rich taste and silky texture that consumers are looking for. Consumers love nuts for their surprising taste and texture, but they also want the natural, healthy and powerful character they bring to the table. Carat Nuxel will give your delicacies a refined and surprising touch.

Today, we offer Carat Nuxel Hazelnut, as this is globally the most preferred nut in sweet baked goods. Look out for more nut varieties from Carat Nuxel in the future.

For Carat Nuxel Hazelnut, we have carefully selected cocoa powder made from a well-balanced blend of cacao beans, sourced from our Cacao-Trace programme. Cacao-Trace cocoa beans are mastered with care by expert fermenters in our own proprietary post-harvest centres. This results in consistent and superior tasting cocoa powder for Carat Nuxel Hazelnut.

Another vital ingredient that blends our selection into a delicious filling is an exceptionally tasty and creamy milk powder.

Carat Nuxel, made with pure and noble ingredients, delivers the most elegant and delicious fillings with the silkiest and smoothest texture. 

Deliciously responsible

At Puratos, we are grateful for nature’s treasures and consider responsible sourcing as key to ethical trading. We appreciate that consumers are concerned about where their food comes from, how it is produced, and the way in which it is sourced. This is why we make sure that we collaborate and keep an open dialogue with the people involved in our supply chain.

In Carat Nuxel, we make sure the nuts we use are not only remarkably tasty, but that they are grown on sustainable plantations. In Carat Nuxel Hazelnut, the hazelnuts are UTZ-certified.

For a sustainable cocoa source, we have created Cacao-Trace. This programme, which offers both superior taste and sustainability, is life changing for cocoa farmers. On top of the farm gate price, cocoa farmers don’t just receive a quality premium, but also an additional Chocolate Bonus of 0.10€ for every kilo of Cacao-Trace products that are sold. By buying Carat Nuxel Hazelnut, you are making a positive impact on the environment, the livelihoods of our farmers, and their local communities, and contributing to maintaining high industry standards.

Palm oil is another important ingredient. It ensures that Carat Nuxel’s texture remains smooth and silky. Just as with the supply of our cacao, we are committed to sustainably sourcing palm oil via RSPO SG palm oil for Carat Nuxel.

And just to show you how far we are prepared to go to deliver sustainable products, Carat Nuxel’s packaging is also fully recyclable.

With Carat Nuxel, you can indulge your consumers with honest delicacies. 

Endless possibilities

As a leader in delicacies, you want a filling that can be used for different purposes such as spreading, depositing or injection into sweet goods. You want a filling that delivers perfect results no matter whether it’s used before or after baking, and you want to be sure that if you fill your creations before baking that you’ll still enjoy a creamy texture when they come out of the oven.

Carat Nuxel is very versatile. It is ideal for filling sweet baked goods like muffins, buns and croissants, fresh or frozen, either before or after baking. And Carat Nuxel is also perfect for crispy and dry goods, like cookies with a long shelf life.

Carat Nuxel will spark your creativity … the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run free and create the finest delicacies that look seductively beautiful and taste even better.

Carat Nuxel fillings: perfect for every type of creation.

Lifting your consumers’ experience

It’s through years of research that we’ve been able to develop the exquisite recipes of Carat Nuxel nut fillings.

All of our products are evaluated and approved by consumers. Extensive tests show that people go nuts for the taste of Carat Nuxel and, therefore, will love your creations with our premium and sustainable nut fillings.

Discover Carat Nuxel and lift your consumers’ experience to the max.

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