Five 2021 chocolate consumer market trends

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12th January 2021

By Ben Ledger

1) Increasing demand for for fine flavour cocoa

Fine flavor cocoa accounts are the fastest growing segment in the chocolate market due to the expansion of specialty or premium chocolate products.

2) Transparency and traceability

Consumers are increasingly concerned about food safety, particularly in the fine flavour cocoa sector. Traceability is becoming an essential aspect of fulfilling that need for information in the supply chain.  

3) Sustainability

Consumers are increasingly interested in the social and environmental aspects of cocoa production. There is a growing concern on issues such as climate change, as current cocoa farming practices are causing extensive deforestation, with consequent loss of biodiversity. There is also the key issue of child and forced labour. There is therefore a strong need to find approaches that can ensure a viable future for cocoa-producing countries.

4) Increasing consumer interest in single origin chocolates

Due to the high global consumption of cocoa products, consumers now want more than just a piece of chocolate. They expect makers to also share a story, from who grew the beans in which geographical origin, to the flavour profile of the finished product. Chocolate confectionary made from single origin chocolate is growing by 23% per year. 

5) Health & high-quality chocolate

Demand for higher-quality cocoa is also stimulated by a growing interest in healthy living.
Health benefits are highest for dark chocolate due to its higher percentage of cocoa. 

Alongside cleaner labelling and products containing natural ingredients with names consumers know or understand, they are also looking for brands to reduce their sugar content, but not at the expense of taste. They are also willing to pay more for healthier alternatives!

Consumers also state healthiness is no longer about removing ingredients, but also about adding ingredients that can contribute to better health.

Cacao Trace

Our unique cocoa sourcing program – Cacao Trace provides the traditional industry practices of Farmer community training and Agroforestry & crop diversification, but at the same time changes the lives of cocoa farmer communities whilst allowing us to create exceptional tasting chocolate.

Through complete transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain, the Cacao-trace program can provide you the tools to easily share its wonderful story with your customer. Including, specific farmer led materials that illustrate the day-to-day effect of the program on communities.