Clean(er) Label with Puratos Topfil Finest

7 Sep 2021

Clean(er) label is becoming more and more important in the perception of the end consumers today. Taste Tomorrow research programme demonstrates that globally over 90% of consumers read product labels, and over 50% consider the ingredients used and nutritional value important for packaging information and would regular check if the product is made from natural ingredients.

Clear and cleaner labels are in the spotlight more than ever. Consumers are adding more weights on the cleanness of ingredient lists while choosing their desired baked goods.   

Benefits of having clean(er) labels

To be more specific, why should you, as baked goods producers, care about the clean(er) label now? Consumers perceive products with clean(er) label healthier and better for them, which presents an opportunity and a need for food manufacturers to be clear and transparent with the information they provide on the packaging of their finished goods.

Consumers are also willing to pay a higher price for food products with clean(er) label. For example, the price of yogurt with cleaner ingredient alternatives is around 45% higher than the one without; a packed snack cake with cleaner ingredient list is charge around 22% higher than the standard one.

How could Puratos Topfil Finest be a good teammate for your upgrade to clean(er) label?

First of all, our Topfil Finest has all the ingredients you need and none of the ones you don’t. Topfil Finest product ranges contains 70% fruit and no artificial coloring and flavoring agents. Instead of using preservatives, we use vinegar to keep the freshness. By adding more fruits in the filling and minimizing its damage with our innovative advanced processing method, our Topfil Finest has an authentic taste, smell and look of real unprocessed fruit. Topfil Finest is the perfect balance between authentic taste & naturalness combined with the necessary performance for fresh & frozen patisserie & viennoiserie.

Curious to see how we make our upgrade Topfil to clean(er) label Topfil Finest? 

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Why not go for a shorter, cleaner and clearer ingredient list with Topfil Finest?

Learn more about Topfil Finest and get inspired by some innovative recipes that will delight your customers.