Healthy packed croissant

Health & Well-Being has become more important than ever, especially since this COVID-19 crisis. People look out for healthy food to maintain a good immune system as a way to proactively protect their health and their family members. Consumers are also looking more and more for packed products that remain fresh for longer and hasn’t been touched by other consumers.  But producing packed sweet goods comes with several technical challenges. Like for example, the visual aspect of the products, the taste, the microbiological shelf life, the texture and of course the freshness are all technical challenges that producers will encounter. For these challenges, Puratos offers its expertise and knowledge. 

We have challenged our baker Cyril Hervé to create a healthy version of a packed croissant,  including healthy ingredients like fruits and grains but also cleaning the labels. 

When we decided to make a healthier version of a packed croissant, we wanted to not only improve the nutritional aspect but also give the opportunity to consumers to feel good about what they are eating and offer a fully vegan croissant without compromising on taste or texture, this was definitely not an easy task. 

We first worked on the improvement of the nutritional profile. We started by replacing part of the flour by wholemeal wheat flour, in order to bring more fibers and minerals. Then we added some of our Softgrain Golden 6 CL, which is a combination of 5 grains infused in a wheat sourdough and honey. 

Although adding grains in the dough can be a bit tricky in lamination, the fact that the grains are soaked in a sourdough not only makes them softer but the combination with a wheat sourdough really boosts the lactic flavors, therefore they brought a lot of taste, a nice texture, and also allowed us to reduce the amount of sugar in the dough. 

We also included our enzyme technologies like Soft’r range containing our whole new generation of freshness solutions that provide a combination of softness and moistness to this croissant.

On top of that we decided to include a fruit filling as fruits are not only very tasty but also perceived as healthy by consumers. We chose to use the Vivafil Apricot 30% Sugar Reduced as it was combining a great taste of apricot and the texture of a jam, while reducing the amount of added sugars and improving the freshness of our croissants.

As the demand for plant based food is growing all around the world, we used our Mimetic CL for the lamination, which is a great plant based butter alternative. To give visual appeal to our croissant we also replaced the eggwash by our Sunset Glaze which is a dairy free eggwash replacement.

Thanks to our enzyme technologies and improvers, we are now capable of making this apricot filled wholegrain croissant with shelf lives going from 2 weeks up to 3 months.

We can definitely say that through this vegan croissant we reinvented indulgence. 

Standard LSL croissant

Nutritional facts

Our Health & Well-Being LSL croissant

Nutritional facts

Enjoy our re-invented croissant bridging creative with responsible indulgence! For more information on the recipe, click here

If you would like to learn more on challenges & solutions on packed pastry, don’t hesitate to join our webinar on December 3rd. Contact your local Puratos representative for more information.