How have you 'bee'n keeping?

Its 'Bee'n a while

14 Oct 2022


David Hahn

For those of you that have visited our innovation centre at Fringford you will know that we are very lucky to be surrounded by rivers and fields. Our goal is to make it more sustainable, a haven for wildlife and a source for fresh produce for staff and visitors to enjoy.

Our re-wilding project at our Fringford Innovation Centre has kicked off with several initiatives including wild flowers, pond creation and bee keeping. 

Its been 6 months since we last spoke of our bee's and a lot has been happening...


March 2022

Now spring is well under way, further building has taken place. The fence panels arrived a while ago, but it was too windy. They are now up, along with Blackthorne (which in time will serve the same purpose as the fence but more natural looking). Apple tree and blackberries have also been planted. These will provide pollen next year for the bees

George is enjoying the spring sunshine

The bees have not arrived yet, but nature is doing a wonderful thing.

The bee watering hole has had a few new additions. There needs to be 2/3 of the pond covered with plants for shade and oxygenation, to prevent too many algae and blanket weeds. 

This will be an ongoing thing over the next couple of years as the pond gets more established. As these plants grow and mature, they will cover much of the water.                                         

Late May

This was an exceedingly long day.... Travel to Fringford for a day's work return to Sheffield to collect the bees and then another drive back to Fringford with the bees. Transport of bees needs to happen after dusk when they have all arrived back in the hive after a day of foraging. they then should be released early in the morning to orientate themselves.

The following morning 10,000 annoyed bees were introduced to their new hive!

Every week over the next few months we will be inspecting the hive to ensure the welfare of our new residents.

The first inspection we well, bees are settled, the Queen is still there (that is the one with the crown! NO a yellow dot!!) The colour of the DOT shows the year of the queen, yellow is 2022.

June 2022

The second inspection is encouraging :) The bees are building comb

We have had many visitors to Fringford this year....

And everyone wants to come and see the bees!