How to Balance Brioche Costs Without Sacrificing Quality ?

12 Apr 2023

In today's market, the bakery industry is facing challenges due to recent global events that have impacted the availability and cost of ingredients, as well as logistics of sourcing specific items. Rising costs can significantly impact bakers and food manufacturers today. The U.S. Labor Department published a report in January 2023 showing that egg prices have increased by 59.9% and butter by 31.4% since last year. Brioche is one of the costliest bakery products because of its high proportion of butter and eggs.

Our Taste Tomorrow consumer research (2022) found that 96% of people are concerned about inflation and the impact this has on their household spending. More specifically, increasing food prices are one of the top 3 concerns.

In order to maintain profitability, bakers may need to increase the prices of their products. However, this can make them less competitive and make it hard to attract customers. At time when prices are rising, Puratos is providing innovative solutions to help customers mitigate costs without compromising on taste and quality. 

How to make the very best brioche while mitigating cost?

Here are some of the cost-saving and quality-maintaining solutions Puratos offers:

  • Easy Soft’r Mixes: By using the Easy Soft’r 10/100 that already include 10% egg and 10% fat replacement in the mix, bakers can reduce recipe costs byup to 20%. For plant-based versions, there is the Easy Soft'r Plant-Based Clean Label mix. 
  • Puraslim: Fat is an expensive ingredient, but with Puraslim technology, bakers can reduce the amount of fat in brioche recipes and reduce the recipe cost by up to 20% without compromising on quality.
  • Sunset Glaze: This egg-wash alternative delivers outstanding shine and color without any issues of using real eggs, no matter how fresh they are. With Sunset Glaze, bakers can glaze 10% more products versus eggs.
  • Mimetic Incorporation: This plant-based specialty fat allows bakers to create deliciously tasting brioche with the same melting experience as butter, but much easier to work with and more cost efficient than butter. With Mimetic, bakers can save up to 30% in production costs. 

By utilizing these solutions, bakers and food manufacturers can balance or mitigate costs while maintaining the quality and taste of their brioche products. As a leading innovator in the baking industry, Puratos continues to develop and provide solutions that help bakers stay competitive and profitable even in challenging times.