Meet the next student in the bakers of the future series Naela Azhar Sherief from Cardiff Metropolitan University

25 Mar 2022


Why did you choose to become a baker? And what would be your dream job?

I started baking at the age of 14, and it’s been a passion since then. I find joy in developing recipes and baking. I choose to become a baker out of sheer passion. 

My dream job would be able to develop tasty, healthy, and diabetic-friendly baked goods and to be able to serve them to everyone, especially to kids suffering from type 1 diabetes. 

What made you choose this particular course you’re taking?

I had taken Food Science as an elective subject in the final year of my engineering degree. I got to learn the basics of food science. I found it really interesting and then decided to take up food science as a career.

I chose this particular course at Cardiff Met after attending a seminar with Mr. Simon Dawson (our previous programme director), back in our home country. I understood that this course is a perfect combination of theory and practical experience that helps us mould ourselves into responsible food technologists. Apart from the excellent teaching and lab facility, the best part of this course is the one-year internship programme that will help us gain hands-on experience in the food industry, which enables us to make better choices for the betterment of the consumers.

What’s been your favourite thing about it so far?

Apart from the regular classes and tutorials, my favourite thing/experience has to be the Term End Demonstration Event! I got the chance to work with Mr. Lee at the Food Industry Centre, and learn a lot from him. 

If you could create the ultimate bakery item – what would that be? I would love to recreate the Traditional “Roat” recipe as it is my favourite, and I have never, ever tried to recreate it before!

What are your career plans for the future?

My short-term goal consists of gaining a placement in the food industry, and my long-term goal consists of becoming a successful NPD technologist and being able to develop tasty, healthy, and creative recipes!