More transparent than ever – Puratos Glazes


There is an increasing global need for transparency which has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This brings a moment of great challenge and opportunity to the food sector. 

How Covid-19 accelerated the demand for a cleaner label offering

The Covid-19 crisis has made people more conscious of what they are putting in their body. A survey conducted by our research team states that consumers are seeking more information about the products they consume. The vast majority of consumers in Europe (90%) state that they read the information on the packaging and 65% of the consumers read the ingredient list on food labels. (Consumer survey “ Taste Tomorrow”, 2019) This is a clear indication that consumers are paying more attention to the labels on the food products and demanding for more transparency. 

Patisserie glazing is now more relevant than ever

Covid-19 also significantly reduced consumers impulsive buying, (Source – Economic times) This has led to the art of patisserie glazing being more relevant now more than ever to stimulate the impulsive buying at your patisserie or bakery shop. In a recent survey conducted by Puratos USA we asked consumers to choose between various glazed and non-glazed baked goods. The result? A staggering majority of consumers favored the glazed items. After all, “what looks good, sells“ still remains key when buying indulgent food products. 

Puratos cleaner label glazes

Cognizant of what consumers are demanding, Puratos continuously innovates in order to be in line with changing consumer demands. As pioneers of professional quality glazes, Puratos focuses on reducing the additives as much as possible without compromising on product quality or performance. That’s why,  Harmony,  the range of high-quality glazes used for traditional patisserie like cakes, fruit tarts, viennoisserie, is now completely now NAFNAC (no artificial flavours & no artificial colours). Harmony is also available in preservative free versions; in small ready-to-use, format (Harmony Sublimo in 1L UHT packaging) or sprayable version.

The illustration below gives you an overview of the Harmony product range and its new features.

Finally, Harmony is completely plant-based, thus suited for all your vegan applications!

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