Non-sticky fillings & decorations for packed sweet goods

9 Oct 2020


Curious to know what  the consumers have to say about their purchasing habits in the future ? 

Clearly, the pandemic has greatly influenced consumers perception of packaging. The changing consumer demands has been observed in almost all channels including in-store bakery/ artisan shops and bakery chains. For years, artisanal and In Store Bakery goods were displayed in the open after being freshly baked. Whereas now, consumers disregard any kind of food product that’s sold in the open without packaging. 

Sweet baked goods: Packaging options & challenges –

In order to provide  packed sweet goods that are appealing to the eye as well as tasty, it is important to look at the two parameters below :

  • Packaging type
  • Fillings & Decorations 

The importance of choosing the right filling & decoration solutions for packed products –

In addition to effectively choosing the right packaging for your baked goods, it is equally important to choose the right filling & decoration solutions. This will help in making sure your packed sweet goods are tasty, visually appealing & easy to eat.  

We, at Puratos, offer a full portfolio of fillings & Decors. Within our portfolio we have identified the solutions in line with the requirements of the different packaging options –

  • Long Shelf Life packed in Flow Wrap: We offer different non-sticky filling cream, chocolate & fruits)  & Decorations (glazes, coatings) with a low water activity.
  • Short Shelf Life packed in Flow Wrap & paper bags: We offer different non-sticky fillings (cream, chocolate & fruits) & Decorations (glazes, coatings, icings) with a high water activity. 

You can find more information on our different solutions:



Delight consumers with the world's best-loved bakery fillings and fillings for cake. There are delicious fruit fillings, as well as popular chocolate, nut and cream fillings to suit your applications and processes.



Visual seduction plays an important role in customers’ in-store purchasing decisions. Glazes and decorations are therefore essential for differentiating bakery and patisserie products and converting passing interest into transaction.



No cupcake, donut or brownie is complete without a good icing or fudge filler. Puratos Icing and Fudges can be used to enhance all patisserie and bakery products, helping you satisfy customer demands and expectations.



Carat offers a range of great-tasting compound coatings as well as a variety of delicious fillings based on cocoa and nuts. Each is perfectly suited to the needs and ambitions of today’s bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers.

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