23rd October 2020: Virtual Taste Tomorrow event

Why Taste Tomorrow is so unique?

22 Oct 2020

Taste Tomorrow

Julia Darvill, General Manager, Puratos UK

Taste Tomorrow is a study unlike anything in our field. With a global reach, it pulls from the most relevant consumer food trends from multiple sources. Getting into the psyche of consumers, foodies and key influencers is paramount to making informed decisions about future innovation.

Puratos prides itself in being at the very forefront of insight and market specific intelligence, always with the aim to guide our customers in their ideation and development processes.

Why is the Virtual Taste Tomorrow event so important?

Working in Food and Drink, I feel privileged to be part of an industry that is ever-evolving and becoming increasingly important to humanity. Everyone in this dynamic sector has a responsibility to shape the future food habits and attitudes to health and wellbeing for generations to come.

From circular economies, to the importance of sustainability, now more than ever, we need to listen, observe and connect deeply with consumers about food. To remain the most trusted partner for innovation, we want to share our understanding and insight to help our customers grow.

"I feel privileged to be part of an Industry that is ever-evolving"

Why did you choose Dr Morgaine Gaye to be key-note speaker?

Looking beyond tomorrow and understanding more long term themes within food is essential to future proofing our Industry. As a true specialist and Food Futurologist, I am thrilled to invite Dr. Morgaine Gaye to share her views on the critical observations she is making as consumers live through a global pandemic and adjust to the new normal.

Having worked with Puratos on a number of projects to date, Dr. Gaye captures social, economical and psychological connections with the future of food; why we eat what we eat, believe what we believe and so on. Her belief is that “The future of food is as much a part of our sustenance, as a part of our aspirations.” *