Plan for Christmas all year round with our Mincemeat Trends

25 Sep 2023


At Puratos Fourayes we plan for Christmas all year round, creating the most plumptious Mincemeats for the season's innovative festive treats. 

We are constantly monitoring consumer trends and all product development is supported by our in-depth trend analysis. Mincemeat, the traditional seasonal classic, is a product which is strictly guided by recipes as well as consumer perception. This however doesn't stop us from looking at new ways of how we can innovate this much-loved treat with identified relevant trends.   

What we are seeing emerge is that "Childhood Faves" are leading the nostalgia trend where consumers are looking for comfort from the past. 

At the same time, they are also seeking playful innovation with "Very Visual" queues and "Flavour Elevators" from around the world, with tropical, citrus, and sour flavours leading the way. 

There are two ingredient innovators we focus on when developing innovative lines for Mincemeat - the fruit and the alcohol. 

What we have noticed is that alcohol innovation is being driven by what is hot with consumers at the time, so Gin has been a favourite and obvious choice of late, and we continue to see this in 2023 and 2024. With Brandy being the traditional alcohol for Mince Pies, there are some that believe that Gin could be the next Brandy. Innovation using Whiskey, Rum and Amaretto are also fitting for Mincemeat development. 

Fruit innovation this year is being pushed by the "Fusion Flavour", "Experience Delight" and "Sourness" trends. Yuzu and citrus are leading the way, with flavours like orange and lemon being featured as they are nostalgic and familiar. The introduction of spice and heat like chilli and ginger are also being included to give a little kick, however we are also seeing spices like cardamom and star anise sneaking into recipe development. Some of these spices are also associated with health benefits which consumers are looking for in the "Gut Feeling" and "Functional Food" trends. There is one flavour however which is standing head and shoulders above the rest, and this is tropical with Pineapple taking first prize. Bursts of fruity flavour makes consumption exciting and have an element of nostalgia. What about a Pineapple, Coconut & Rum Mince Pie?

Flavours like Brown Butter and Black Pepper have also raised their heads this year as innovative new flavours introducing rich and spicy notes. 

We're ready to support bakers and retailers with the latest insight on festive flavour trends, as well as start the development journey for the next best thing in Mincemeat. 

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