Sweet bread with less fat, Good for health, business and planet

23 Jun 2023

Sweet buns, brioches, cinnamon rolls panettone…consumers love the indulgent taste but afraid of it’s high fat content and calories.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that combines health, cost savings, and sustainability in one powerful solution? Puraslim is a range of mixes and improvers reduces fats and calories without compromising taste and texture.

Unleash the magic of Puraslim and revolutionize your sweet bakery creations!

Good for health: 50% less fat and same indulgence

Our latest Taste Tomorrow study shows that over 1 in 2 consumers are looking for food options that support their holistic health, especially with less fat or sugar. 

Yet, fat plays a crucial role in baking, contributing to not only flavor but also volume and texture such as softness and moistness. 

This presents a challenge for bakers worldwide who strive to deliver quality products that are both healthy and indulgent.

Enter Puratos’ fat reduction solutions, Puraslim, which enable bakers to reduce -50% of fat content while maintaining the great taste and texture. 

Consumer tests have revealed that more consumers prefer the "Puraslim bun" with 50% fat reduction. This demonstrates the success of Puratos' fat reduction solutions in delivering both health benefits and a satisfying texture that consumers appreciate.

Achieve Nutriscore A brioche With the help of Puratos ingredients like Puraslim and Sproutgrain Rye in Syrup, it's possible to create a healthier brioche while still maintaining its indulgent taste and great texture.

Good for your business : up to 20% savings on total recipe

Reducing fat not only aligns with consumer preferences but also offers cost-saving benefits. Our Taste Tomorrow consumer research (2022) found that 96% of people are concerned about inflation and the impact this has on their household spending, with increasing food prices as one of the top 3 concerns. 

Incorporating Puraslim into the recipe enables bakers to optimize yield management through the addition of more water. This reduction in fat content helps diminish exposure to price fluctuations in fats like butter, margarine, and oils without compromising on taste and quality.

For example, reducing butter by 50% thanks to Puraslim in the sweet bun recipe and adding more water can lead to a recipe cost reduction of 21%.

Good for the planet : Embracing Sustainability in Baking

In addition to cost savings and consumer preferences, Puraslim offers a more sustainable solution for bakers. It's clear that consumers are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and incorporate more sustainable materials and food into their lives. 

By using Puraslim, bakers have the opportunity to diminish the environmental impact of their products. According to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis, incorporating Puraslim into a butter-based brioche recipe can lead to a remarkable 11% reduction in environmental footprint compared to conventional brioche. In simpler terms, this equates to an estimated 2365 trees planted for every 100 tons of brioche produced.

Want to know more on how you can unleash the power of Puraslim in your bakery? Contact us!

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