Cake trends Autumn 2023

Texture will play a bigger role

Consumers see texture as an integral part of taste and bakery is the most important category for NPD using texture claims.

BUT one area that is often overlooked is the use of inclusions to increase the texturial experience. 

Only 18% cakes in retail have inclusions in the base with a majority of these products are seasonal Christmas fruit cakes.

With 65% of consumers liking products with different textures there is a great opportunity to differentiate and upgrade products with inclusions for new texture experiences

More than 14% of launches carry textural claims, Innova

Manufacturers have been using texture claims to add value to their ranges - texture layering has been big news in 2023 and this will continue as the autumn and winter months draw in.


It's all about the base

Over the last 2 years it is clear that innovation and launches in the sweet aisle are cake based, a mix of traditional products, flavour experimentation, showstopping centrepieces, individual treats and a plethora of other tasty treats. A great cake base is imperative in the success of these products.

58% are interested in food produced using alternative methods resulting in richer tastes

Brown flavours are the ultimate indulgence

90% of consumers believe that chocolate adds to the tastiness of cakes and sweet goods

Unsurprisingly, taste is a key driver influencing consumer purchasing decisions, with over two-thirds of shoppers placing it at the forefront of their priorities. The tastiest and most sought-after inclusion in sweet pastry, cake and fine patisserie products is chocolate and this is the year of chocolate. 

Brown flavours continue to rule the indulgence category, they bring an emotional pull to consumers, hitting nostalgic notes with their comforting flavours and aromas. 90% of consumers believe that chocolate adds to the tastiness of cakes and sweet goods.

Something new is needed...

Consumers are looking for flavours that are new, nostalgic, comforting ....

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