Our Sourdoughs


A range of sourdoughs that offer a natural, traditional and differentiating taste, and structure to your bread.

Stablilised sourdoughs in liquid or powder for adding a signature flavour to your breads.

Fresh & Living sourdoughs for creating authentic sourdough breads, including liquid living sourdoughs made in the UK. 

About our British sourdough range - Get in touch to find out more!

  1. Liquid, live sourdough (like bread used to be!)
  2. Focus on fantastic flavour, developed in line with UK consumer flavour preferences
  3. Local flavours, ingredients and stories
  4. Flexible flavours for unique recipes
  5. Gluten free
  6. Available in 1 tonne tanks or 10kg buckets
  7. 8 weeks chilled shelf life for living sourdough. 9 months shelf life for inactive 'Tempo' sourdough


An active bakery blend for baking delicious Italian style breads with just 4 ingredients: Flour - water - salt - O-Tentic.

Based on natural fermentation, O-tentic is the start of exceptional breads full of taste, flavour and texture. Famous in the Italian region of Apulia, the Altamura bread is well-known for its durum wheat sourdough. By using the very latest fermentation technology, Puratos has managed to recreate this authentic taste.