Amber: Puratos’ latest Chocolate innovation gem

11 Oct 2019

Taste is a crucial factor in the decision-making process when buying baked goods and confectionery products. The Taste Tomorrow survey revealed that consumers want to be wowed by all their senses. 

A feast for the eye, multi-layered textures and flavours are essential to create a sensorial delight which will help stand out from competition.

Caramel, a trending flavour

Caramel, soft or salted, is known worldwide. When we think of caramel today, we usually have in mind a soft, creamy brown concoction made from sugar, butter and cream.

It has travelled throughout time and has made a come-back as a top trending flavour (source: Mintel, Chocolate confectionery, New product launches from 2014-2109), arising both in chocolate confectionery as well as in patisserie creations.

That’s why we are extending our chocolate range with a new innovation: Amber.

The story behind amber

Amber is the most appreciated so-called gemstone. It is praised for its bright colour, versatility in use, and is believed to boost creativity. It results from a slow and natural process of fossilization of the resin from trees, which gives it this stunning colour.

Our Amber chocolate offers a bright and warm colour. Just like the gem, it is also all natural, with no artificial flavour; we give it time to express taste at its fullest. 

As a result, it offers long-lasting and caramel taste. 

Amber has naturally found its way within our Real Belgian Chocolate range and Compound Chocolate range

Belcolade Selection Amber Cacao-Trace

Belcolade is renowned for its white chocolate’s taste and workability. That is the reason why our experts have combined their know-how to come up with the top-notch quality recipe and adjust the chocolate-making process.  The secret lies in particularly a slow and gentle conching, which provides a specific and complex flavour bouquet. 

From a taste profile, Belcolade Selection Amber Cacao-Trace takes you from a naturally salted-butter caramel boost to more creamy and cooked milk notes that have contributed to Belcolade’s fame. 

In addition to focusing on superior taste, it also benefits the cocoa farmers, who receive a quality premium and an additional Chocolate Bonus (of 10ct) for every kilo of chocolate sold. This can add up to 1 or 2 months of additional salary.

It is our way to contribute in supporting chocolate sustainability, for an exceptional world of exceptional chocolate.

Carat Coverlux Amber

This delightful Amber caramel taste is also available within our compound chocolate range with Carat Coverlux Amber.
Our experts have crafted the perfect combination between the soft and creamy caramel flavour notes and the outstanding quality and functionalities of Carat Coverlux, which provides a premium taste coupled with excellent snap, shine, and mouthfeel.

Not to forget the ultimate workability and peace of mind of Carat: just melt and apply.

Thanks to the versatility and perfect workability of our Amber chocolates, all creations can now benefit from an amber twist, whichever the method used: enrobing, moulding, dipping, coating, mixed as a filling, mousses, ganaches, etc.

Inspiring recipes from our team of chocolate and patisserie experts are available to support your endless creativity.
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Amber, the new chocolate gem for all your creations!