Puratos UK extends Soft’r range with new plant-based doughnut mix and complementary fillings

Puratos UK is launching three new plant-based products this month as part of its Plant Forward solutions.

11 Mar 2021

Vegan and Vegetarian Options
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The new Soft’r Doughnut is a 50/50 vegan suitable mix for yeast raised doughnuts, as part of the company’s iconic Soft’r brand. Renowned for its great texture and versatility, Soft’r has been perfected by Puratos UK over many years.

Two new smooth and creamy fillings are also being launched - Vegan Caramel Filling and Vegan Chocolate Filling. Both are made in the UK and have been developed with British consumers’ taste preferences in mind. The new fillings are perfect for post-bake injection in doughnuts and muffins, or as a dipping sauce.

These product launches form part of Puratos’ new Plant Forward solutions. Aiming to provide inspiration, supreme taste and texture, with the ultimate joy of doing something good, Plant Forward offers a full range of plant-based solutions that enable the removal of eggs, dairy and other animal derived ingredients.


Puratos UK is committed to offering vegan solutions for all, in the belief that plant-based diets are now beyond a trend and have gone mainstream, as consumers realise the positive impact that a plant-based diet can have on both health and the environment. With over 250 vegan suitable products in its range, for bakery, patisserie and real Belgian chocolate, and the capability to offer bespoke solutions, Puratos UK’s #ChallengUsVegan campaign urges customers to let Puratos UK solve any plant-based development challenges they have.

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