Quick and Easy Product Solutions for Bakers

Quick and Easy Product Solutions for Bakers

Peace of Mind

With many bakeries currently suffering staff or skill shortages, or preparing for this in the coming weeks, global bakery ingredients supplier Puratos UK has shared advice on the quickest and simplest bakery solutions to help during these times.


Easy to prepare mixes which require minimal additional ingredients are a great choice for less skilled bakers and those short on time. Opt for mixes which require the addition of just a few ingredients such as egg, oil and water, and can be counted on to create consistent, quality products each time.

Mixes can often be used to prepare a wide variety of products, for example a cake mix can be used to create cookies, cakes, muffins and biscuits simply by adjusting the additional ingredient levels or a ciabatta mix can not only create ciabatta but focaccia, rolls, pizza dough etc helping bakers reduce wastage and utilise minimal storage space for raw materials.

Mixes deliver products with a good shelf life and are freeze & thaw suitable which will help to ensure nothing goes to waste. Selecting a mix which is vegan, yet does not compromise on taste or texture, is a great way to ensure you will have product options suitable for all customers.


Bread improvers are a quick and easy way to ensure fresh and great tasting baked goods. Supremely versatile, improvers can be used on any type of bread from soft or crusty, to brown or white and with bread of any shape, whether rolls or large loaves. Improvers will make dough more tolerant, for a consistent bake and ensure products freeze well.

Shelf Life Enhancers

Shelf life enhancers are another easy way help products stay fresher for longer. Whether you are baking savoury or sweet goods, they can help improve the taste and texture of products. There are many options available made using enzymes and emulsifiers or clean label versions. During these difficult times our staff are here to help however we can, please contact us via the following – Directly with your Puratos Account Manager or info_uk@puratos.com . You can also call us on 01280 822860 or visit our website www.puratos.co.uk for more information.