Acti-Fresh PO 14

Improver in powder form for the production of cakes, increasing the softness and freshness of your cake

  • Can reduce fat levels
  • Reduced staling = more profit!
  • Less wastage
  • Satisfied consumers
  • Description: Acti-Fresh PO14 PF Bag 15Kg EP
  • Packaging: 15.0
  • Shelf life: 365 Days
  • Palletisation: 630

Wheat flour, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E471)), enzymes

Customer advantages
  • Contains emulsifiers and enzymes use for wide range of cake applications
Consumer advantages
  • Increased softness and freshness
  • Palm oil free
Nutritional value
Total Fat: 49.3g
OF WHICH Saturated Fat: 48.2g
OF WHICH Polyunsaturated Fat: <0.5g
OF WHICH Monounsaturated Fat: <0.5g
Added salt: <5mg
Total carbohydrates: 39.9g
OF WHICH Starch: 39.2g
OF WHICH Dietary fibre: 1.6g
OF WHICH Total Sugars: 0.7g
Protein: 5.0g

Recipes in which you can use this product

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