Belcolade Selection Blanc Cacao Trace 28%

Beautifully balanced white chocolate with a vanilla aroma and a hint of boiled milk.

  • Cacao-Trace certified chocolate, with taste mastering starting from the bean.
  • Based on Belcolade renowned expertise and craftsmanship.
  • Endless creativity
  • Sustainable support for cocoa farmers thanks to the Chocolate Bonus
Customer advantages
  • Real Belgian chocolate claim - for the most expert quality
  • Various storytelling opportunities
  • Support cocoa farmers
  • Best taste thanks to controlled fermentation process of the cocoa beans
Consumer advantages
  • Authentic Belgian chocolate taste
  • Sustainable chocolate, so chocolate that can be enjoyed for generations to come
  • A complete sensorial experience
  • Recipes with unique and superior tastes

Belcolade Selection Blanc Cacao-Trace 28% is an a beautifully balanced white chocolate with a vanilla aroma and a hint of boiled milk.

Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate, is produced exclusively in Belgium following a long tradition of craftsmanship, quality and refinement. It is made from carefully selected cocoa beans using production processes that have been perfected over time, thus assuring that Belcolade’s exquisite taste is in line with consumers’ expectations. Mention the name “Belgium” and many people, from different walks of life and different regions of the world, will think “chocolate”. At Belcolade, we take great pride in being a part of the rich heritage that has earned Belgian chocolate this extraordinary reputation. We work hard to protect and enhance that reputation through an unmatched dedication to quality, innovation, customer service and, above all, leadership in taste. For this reason our chocolate is – and has always been – produced in our factory in Erembodegem, Belgium.