Puraslim is an innovative ingredient that can reduce or replace fat in soft & sweet bread. It can also enhance the richness of baked     

  • Excellent quality - Great texture and freshness
  • Greater convenience - Easier scaling and handling of fat - Consistent quality
  • Cost efficiency Up to 20% recipe cost reduction** Reduced exposure to fluctuations in butter and oil
  • Nutrition Up to 50% less saturated fat - Less calories*
  • Suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian diets.
Customer advantages
  • High-quality baked products
  • Cost savings due to lower ingredient cost (less fat, higher water absorption)
  • Convenient as even the fat is in the mix
  • Nutritional claims possible
Customer advantages
  • Delicious taste
  • Outstanding texture and freshness
  • Less fat, less saturated fat, fewer calories

*Reduce the fat used in the recipe by half = 30% fat reduction in finished product / 5% reduction in calories **Depends on quantity of fat reduced, type of fat, price of fat…

Puraslim is a radical change for the soft and sweet bread industry. This innovative range of mixes and improvers increases the cost-efficiency of bread production while keeping breads outstandingly tasty and fresh. Bread made with Puraslim has fewer calories and less (saturated) fats. Moreover, as no fat needs adding, Puraslim mixes are so convenient to use.

The demand for high-quality indulgent products continues to grow. Whether it means enjoying a delicious brioche during breakfast, having a donut to go with a coffee in New York, or devouring a delicious sweet-filled bun in Shanghai, the increasing attraction of a sweet soft bread is a worldwide trend.

Responding to consumer demands, producers must work out how to provide products that are fresher and more nutritious while at the same time managing their costs and improving the efficiency of their production.

The answer is Puraslim

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