Basil pesto bread

Basil pesto bread

Bread flour 1.000
Sugar 0.080
Fresh yeast 0.040
Margarine 0.075
Soft r Melting 0.030
Puraslim | Bakery 0.030
Water 0.630
Fresh basil 0.040
Filling (optional)
Garlic 1 clove
Pine nuts 1.000
Parmesan 1.000
Olive oil 0.200
Salt As required
Rice flour As required
total 5.125


Mixing spiral 4 mins slow 6 mins fast

Dough temperature 26°C

Bulk fermentation 5-10 mins

Scale at 60g

Intermediate proof 10 mins

Make up Roll the dough flat, fill with the basil paste and mould into oval shape

Final fermentation 75 mins at 35°C 90% RH Decoration: dust with rice flour, make incision with sharp knife

Oven temperature °C 180°C Baking Time +/-10'


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