• Place all ingredients into the Mixer. 
  • Mix for 15 to 20 mins until the dough is developed. 
  • Split the dough in to 2 half's. One for rings and one for ball doughnuts. 
  • 50 gr for ball doughnuts form first half mould round in to balls, place on doughnut trays and mould second half and roll out to 5/6mm and using your ring doughnut cutter cut out the ring doughnuts. 
  • Place on doughnut trays leaving a space so has not to touch during prooving. 
  • Place in proover. 
  • Proof for 50-60 mins approx. at 32°C/80% humidity. 
  • Fry doughnuts as required approx. 1 min for a 50 gram doughnut each side depending on size. 
    Oil at 190°C.
  • Note that doughnut always fry better slightly under proved because of baking powder used in the mix, this will give extra jump in the fryer.


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