Jubilee inspired chocolates: Burnt Caramel



  • Heat the cream and butter until melted then set aside. In another pan bring the sugar to a dark caramel then add warm cream & butter, finish the caramel with the sea salt
  • Cover with the cling film and allow to cool.
  • Pipe the cooled caramel into moulds lined with Belcolade Lait Selection CT. Allow to crystalize
  • for 12 hours before backing off.

Burnt caramel

The 60s and 70s saw further launches in response to the UK consumer’s love of caramel, with chocolate bars such as Cadbury’s Caramel and Twix hitting our shelves. The caramel fillings in these delivered an intense caramel taste that consumers still love today, inspiring our burnt sugar caramel chocolates. The recipe is simple and delicious.



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