Steamed Cheesecake Puddings



  • Using a planetary mixer & beater, add Satin Crème Cake Plain Mix, egg, oil & water mix for 1 min on slow.
  • Scrape down.
  • Mix for 3 mins medium
  • Deposit into individual pudding foils 20g watered down Deli-Citron, Caramel or Orange (50% deli 50% water). 40g Satin Creme Cake Mix and pipe 20g Deli Cheesecake in the middle of the cake batter (you can put mixed fruits or chocolate flakes into the cheesecake prior to piping).
  • Baking Guide: Oven temperature 160oC.
  • Put foils in a tray of water during their baking.
  • Baking for 20 - 45 mins depending on size.


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