Ambassador advent calendar: Vegan Star

Day one: Vegan Danish Star

Flour 1.000
Water - 8°C 0.480
Fresh yeast 0.050
Salt 0.008
Sugar 0.080
S500 | Bakery 0.012
Sapore Carmen 50 0.030
Mimetic Incorporation 0.050
For lamination
Mimetic Incorporation 0.450
Vivafil Strawberry | Patisserie As required
Glaze pre-bake
Sunset Glaze | Bakery
Glaze after baking
Harmony Sublimo | Patisserie As required
total 2.160


Mixing Spiral for 2 mins slow, 3 mins fast.

Dough temperature 21°c.

Bulk fermentation 5mins at ambient temperature. Sheet down to 8mm, freeze for 30 mins. Lamination 1 give 2 single folds and put in chiller for 30 minutes.

Lamination 2 give 1 single fold

Make up Laminate to 4mm.

Stamp out star shapes and lay out on a tray.

Final fermentation 90 mins at 28°c and 80% HR

Decoration before baking

Glaze with Sunset Glaze. Baking 200-190°C, 14 mins.

Decoration after baking
Glaze with Harmony Sublimo.