5 tips to get ready for the most magical time of the year!

1 Nov 2021


Year-end is an important time for the artisanal baking industry. Not only the sales spike during the holiday season, but also consumers are looking to be surprised and delighted by seasonal recipes. Holidays will be there before you know it, so it is crucial to get yourself prepared in a timely manner. 

Here are some tips & tricks on how to drive your sales and prepare for the most wonderful time of the year:


1. Develop unique and exciting creations for the season

It all starts with what baked goods you will offer to your customers. Consumers are looking for food solutions that go beyond nutrition, the ongoing Taste Tomorrow consumer research has revealed. The uncertainty created by the pandemic has affected consumers' state of mind. 73% of consumers declare that depression and mental health have a moderate to severe impact on their everyday life. Everyone could use a little pick-me-up, and responsible sweets proved to be the perfect remedy for feeling down. Especially, during this time of the year, consumers will be interested in new creations to share with their family and friends and lift up their spirits!

Bring out your most creative side and develop wonderful cakes, pies, breads to wow your customers. 

Looking for recipe inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Click on the link below to discover some creative and innovative year-end recipes developed for artisan bakers by our Puratos team.

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2. Promote your seasonal offerings

Inform and inspire your customers about the seasonal baked goods you offer. Let them know what you will have lined up for them during the Holidays season. There are different ways to reach out to your customers: send (personalized) emails, hang posters in your store, use pavement signs, promote your offering on your website and use your social media. Communicating through social media is a cheap, easy and effective way to reach potential customers. It’s a great way to highlight your products and services showcase your creations in a visual way. Your customers would not be able to resist.

No time to develop posts? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Use the link to download our templates that will help you create ‘festive’ Facebook and Instagram posts. Simply add pictures of your beautiful seasonal creations and it’s ready to be shared with the world... Just follow the instructions and sprinkle some magic to your social media feed. 

3. Show gratitude to shoppers

The last 2 years have been tough with COVID-19 striking us. More than ever, it is crucial to thank your customers for their continuous loyalty and support of your business. Even with small gestures, you can show your gratitude. 

Think of printing (personalised) New Year cards and add them to their purchase. Or give one of your products as a present. With a little luck, they’ll like it so much that they will immediately come back for more! 

Who doesn’t like gifts and freebies? Why not play Santa and give a free baked good to every 5th, 25th or 50th customer buying from you during the holiday season? That will surely get your customers excited!



4. Create a festive atmosphere in your bakery

Entice passers-by to enter your store. Use attractive decoration and make your store warm and cosy, so your customers get into the festive mood. Year-end themed window stickering will invite passengers to come in and check out your bakery. You might even consider dressing up your team of assistants for the occasion, as they are key in passing on the holiday cheer. And if you have a online shop, do not forget to bring a magical touch to your webshop: install a temporary banner and put your seasonal recipes in the spotlight!

Looking for some inspiration on how to decorate your store, download the posters we have designed for you using the link below. 

5. Give back to the community

Some people are going through a tough time and might not have the means to celebrate the holidays the way they would like to. Check out local charities such as food banks to see how you can help them, and use social media to inform your customers about it.

We hope these ideas inspire you and set you up for success this holiday season. We wish you a great preparation for the Holiday season!

Contact us if you have questions or require support. This holiday season and always, you can rely on us.

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