How to: responding to eating around the clock

4 Sep 2018

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When was the last time you had ‘three regular meals a day’ several days in a row? The reality is that, for many people, those days are over. The demands of modern life have created a ‘clockless eating’ culture where flexibility, immediate consumption and variation are the name of the game. Discover how to put savoury patisserie at the heart of every meal.

Clockless eating

Our Taste Tomorrow research confirms the clockless eating trend. Consumers want greater variety in their food, and most believe that food should be available everywhere and at any time. As a result, consumers are eating more and more snacks away from home and on-the-go.

Convenient baked goods for on-the-go eating

For the baked goods industry, it’s a challenge to develop a food offering that is more convenient for on-the-go eating. Things like single-packed, bite-size portions that will stay fresh throughout their shelf-life. These extra fresh muffins are a real winner on-the-go.

Give your baked goods a savoury twist

Our savoury concept is also created to meet the everywhere-anytime demand. This concept gives several classic, finished products a twist by adding savoury fillings and ingredients, while using a new type of cake that’s specifically intended for this demand. Get inspired by our dried fruit scones, salmon macarons, our figs & goat cheese cake and many more delicious baked goods.

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