The NOW Normal

The NOW normal, the 5 Macro market trends to watch out for in 2021

Lydia Baines, Digital and Comms Manager, Puratos UK

Consumer Insights
Consumer Insights

At the start of the pandemic there was the prediction that the health would come above anything else and ethics and sustainability would become less important – How very wrong!


1. Ethics everywhere

The issue of climate change is on everyone's mind, 2/3rds of the UK population want the UK to be a leader in climate change.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce personal impact is on the environment is to follow a plant based diet, having seen the biggest ever Veganuary this year this trend has really taken off, so much so that it is 'beyond a trend' and cannot be ignored by food manufacturers.

A relatively new, and one of the fastest growing diet trends  tofhe moment is the 'Climatarian diet'. Followers of the diet, amongst other things count the carbon footprint and holistically try to reduce it as much as possible. 


2. Health everyday

Wellness has been accelarated from a niche trend to mainstream health over the Covid period. It is now seen as a vital part of health and encorporates, exercise, healthy food, sleep and stress management.

Adopting the more 'Eastern' approach of prevention rather than cure and has led consumers to look to their diets to improve their health by eating healthily and eating functional ingredients focusing on there properties

Leading the way are the products highlighted in red.


3. The digital era

In Europe in 2020 E-commerce gained the equivalent of 9 years share (Kantar) 

Consumers have quickly recognised the ease and convenience of shopping online and this will continue long after the pandemic - they are now looking for next level experience to upgrade their 'virtual experience'. 

Social media has seen a welcome shift from the indulgent 'selfie' to the 'shelfie' - consumers interest is seeing how people are living their lives behind closed doors from 'kitchen discos' to one of the key trends; food - what people are eating and creating at home.

'Flavour is King and texture is Queen' 

Puratos Taste Tomorrow consumer study

4. Behind closed doors

Home is where the heart is Its where we socialise, eat, work, exercise...

Despite the pandemic, consumers are loving 'sharing foods'. Charcuterie boards are fast becoming 'the way to serve food' and they vary from the traditional meat and cheese boards - people are getting creative; embracing seasonality and celebrations  with charcuterie boards for all occassions!

Although travel is not happening at the moment, global influence is very much alive behind closed doors! We are snuggling down to the luxurious comfort of Hygge then as spring arrives we will embrace Friluftsliv as we seek out nature.

'Bland is banned' Pinterest predicts 2021

5. The outside world

Retailers are seeing record growth as they have been the 'One-Stop' shop during lockdown - figures will naturally decline as we come out of lockdown and retailers are working hard to reduce the impact and maintain the sales.

There is a lot of focus on online sales, convenience, healthier products, local produce and seasonal lines. 

Value pricing is key and the most important driver with supermarkets -  competing heavily with the discounters by offering price drops and including new value priced lines.

In summary...

  • Environmental factors are at the Forefront of consumers minds 
  • Health shifts to the more Eastern philosophies, eat for prevention rather than cure and wellness becomes a key part of health.
  • Consumers are still very unsure of what is next
  • Taste and texture remain key when it comes to ALL food – reformulated or not
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