What’s hot in Bath Spa when its cold outside?

3 cakes trends to take away

29 Mar 2023

Consumer Insights
Taste Tomorrow

Operation Cake! Taking to the streets of Bath Spa on a frosty January morning, the patisserie team went on a mission to discover all things cake. 

Tackling bakeries, coffee shops, retailers and street food. Our team searched out what’s hot right now so we can share these with you: Its a tough job but someone must :)

From the flavour sensations we observed, the most popular flavours we saw were: 

• Banana, chocolate & walnut 

• Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting + walnuts 

• Lemon drizzle 

‘Simple. Tasty cakes, bursting with flavour, layered with texture and a hint of home’

For the Love of the loaf cake  

Nostalgic scents filled our nostrils, stepping into each venue was like a warm hug from the past with hypnotic aromas of spice, carrot, chocolate and banana in the air. Rectangular cakes adorn the displays as the pound cake dominates the format race. With barely a round cake in sight, 2023 is no doubt, “the year of the loaf cake”, portioned by slice for individual indulgence of your choosing; a superb way of allowing customers to cater for their own tastes. 

One of the most popular flavours was the banana loaf. Made popular by Covid lockdown, this has made a resurgence and this time is combined with the delicious, sweet & rich tastes of chocolate; whats not to like!

72% of UK consumers like traditional flavours – Puratos Taste Tomorrow


Our favourites? Giant choux buns with teeny tiny grapfruit flavoured cheesecakes on the top – pure fun, a great sugar rush and an explosion of fruity flavour.  

Fine patisserie at its best - these delights wouldn't have looked out of place in the window display of a traditional French patisserie - perfect for a moment of total indulgence!


1 in 2 agrees that food that looks good to the eye is tasty too

Are blondies the new brownie?

Move over brownie, the blondie is in town. Do you like yours chewy? Crumbly? Gooey in the middle? 

There is so much choice! 

But the flavour combinations are what is really making this trend stand out. Blonde chocolate – or as we like to call it amber, is “THE” chocolate to be seen with right now – take a moment, imagine the taste… caramelised, melting chocolate then add some espresso, biscoff or some orange and cranberry… mind blowing!

54% Wants to try new or a combination of tastes which are unusual at first

Got your taste buds going? Check out our range and watch out for our series of blog posts from the patisserie team coming soon.

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