Enter the world of online ordering and contribute to social distancing with Bakeronline

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues, consumers’ ordering habits are shifting, favouring solutions that allow them to respect current lockdowns and social distancing recommendations around the world. We would like to help you enter the world of online ordering to make your life a little easier.

Challenging situation for bakers 

Access to stores have been severely restricted as officials are asking to avoid gatherings and recommending social distancing to fight the spread of the virus.
This situation also implies working with limited resources, adapting your usual processes and strengthening your hygiene criteria .

Overall, consumers are looking for ways to order and pay online, and spend less time in store. 

Setting-up a webshop can be a challenge by itself as it requires time and technical resources.  Puratos and Bakeronline believe it should not be the case. 
That is why we want to help bakers by setting-up their webshop for free and fast to ensure they can benefit of its advantages and sell online as soon as possible. 



Bakeronline, your shop, one click away

We are committed to helping you in these difficult times. This is why Puratos and Bakeronline join forces to allow you to ease logistics and online accessibility, to continue doing business while facing the corona crisis.

Bakeronline is a technology that allows bakeries to create a personalized webshop where consumers can easily order. They get an overview of the available product offering,  clear product descriptions and allergen information. Once the selection is confirmed, consumers can then pay online and choose when to pick-up their order.

Apart from servicing your customers by being able to order 24/7, online ordering will make it easier for you to manage orders and react to customer demand.
Furthermore, customers do not need to queue. They then show the order number, collect their goods in a timely manner and all payments are managed digitally, which will help in maintaining hygiene measures and social distancing.    

We can build your webshop. Free. Fast. No strings attached.

In order to have you equipped as soon as possible, starting this week, our Bakeronline digital expert can create your webshop for free [*].

This will include:

  • Personalised webshop with an assortment of 20 products
  • Online payment methods
  • Personalised instore communication kit for optimal consumer onboarding [**]

Such a webshop looks like this and can be created within 48 hours.

Bakeronline is currently available in Belgium, France, Spain, The Netherlands, and Germany. Nevertheless, we would be happy to assist in any other country. Contact us and we will find a way forward.

Startup Stock Photos

[*] This will be the case until at least May 31st. This date will be assessed according to the evolution of the coronavirus outbreak.  Free and without obligation of purchase. Our goal is to help and face the situation together.

[**] This will have to be printed (A4) at your bakery. 

Get in touch

If you wish to launch your webshop, please reach out to us by sending an email to info@bakeronline.com

We are committed to supporting our users and customers during this challenging time, and are continuing to scale our infrastructure to support increasing Bakeronline demand, ensuring streamlined, reliable access to the service throughout this period.