How to make and pack sweet soft bakery products that stay fresh longer

Worldwide, freshness and food safety are crucial elements for consumers. They make fewer visits to shops, spend less time in stores and have a tendency to stock up on certain products. And at the same time, consumers shift towards more packed baked goods for food safety concerns.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to optimize the freshness and softness of your soft products in order to keep them nice, soft and fluffy for more than several days, while being packed.

Tips & tricks for sweet soft bakery products

3 main components will influence the freshness & shelf life of your sweet bakery goods:

  1. Hygiene conditions
  2. Ingredients & recipe
  3. Packaging

1. Hygiene conditions

  • While hygiene standards are probably already part of your regular practices, it is an ideal time to strengthen (and keep) these practices. Further explore this topic in this article: Making hygiene your bakery's priority.

2. Ingredients & recipe

  • Having more fat in the dough will increase the freshness of the crumb, so we can use up to 15% of high quality incorporation fat such as Mimetic Incorporation.
  • Pay attention to have the right balance between milk and eggs.
  • Change your regular improver into a Soft’r improver to enhance the softness and moistness of your sweet good.
  • If you make filled sweet soft bakery products, select the right filling that will not dry out the crumb! In our range we have cream, fruit or chocolate fillings that help to preserve freshness longer.
  • Don’t forget to glaze the product for nice appeal and select a glaze that doesn’t stick to your packaging like Sunset Glaze or Harmony Sublimo.

3. Packaging

  • Pack the products when they have a core temperature of 35° Celsius or 95 F. Apply good hygiene rules when cooling and packing your baked goods.
  • Whatever type of product you are making, the quality of the packaging plays an important role. We recommend to use plastic clamshells or bags. They can give you up to 4 to 5 days of extra shelf life.

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