Belcolade Lait Origins Vietnam 45 Cacao-Trace

The Vietnam 45 is a milk chocolate containing a subtle mix of caramel & Mokka with a touch of roasted cocoa bean flavour. 

This heavenly flavour combination of Asia's "Little Venice" has been cultivated & safeguarded by our Cacao-Trace farmers. 

Vietnam 45 is Cacao-Trace certified Belcolade Origins chocolate, with taste mastering starting from the bean. 

  • Cacao-Trace certified chocolate, with taste mastering starting from the bean.
  • Back to the roots of taste using unique methods to preserve the pure natural flavour.
  • Based on Belcolade renowned expertise and craftsmanship.
  • Allowing to craft the most personal chocolate creations.
Customer advantages
  • Unique taste
  • Real Belgian chocolate claim - for the most expert quality
  • Various storytelling opportunities
  • Support cocoa farmers
  • High consumer trend relevancy
Consumer advantages
  • Unique and distinctive taste with natural depth of flavours
  • Premium Belgium chocolate quality
  • Recipes with unique and superior tastes
  • Sustainable chocolate, so chocolate that can be enjoyed for generations to come

The Belcolade Origins range takes you on a journey to where it all began, to the terroirs of the diverse regions in which our cocoa beans are cultivated. Our experts went to the ends of the earth to discover the cocoa beans that embody the rare, distinctive characteristics called for. And so they set out to explore the countrysides of the Caribbean, South America, Africa, parts of Asia and Oceania and more. The terroirs of these regions cover so much more than just the soil. When combined with local and authentic fermentation techniques, the outcome is cocoa beans packed with natural depth of flavour.