Double Bake Colour

A parbaked frozen bread improver allowing a faster crust colouration while ensuring all other Double Bake benefits. For an improved bread quality and the ultimate convenience and cost efficiency at the point of sale.

Product details:

  • For par-baked frozen processes
  • Ensures great dough characteristics: workability and tolerance
  • Provides the right balance of strength, volume and oven jump throughout the bread making & baking process
  • Avoids bread collapsing after the first bake at the manufacturer's
  • Prevents crust flaking after the baking-off at the point of sale
  • Prevents staling after bake-off
  • Clean label solutions available
Customer advantages
  • Assurance of quality consistency at point of sale
  • Quality breads
  • Increased flexibility of reaction to influx of shoppers versus other frozen dough methods
  • Strengthened consumer loyalty
Consumer advantages
  • Fresh crusty products
  • Availability throughout the day
  • Traditional fresh bakery smell

Parbaked frozen bread production and quality protection throughout the cold chain and after the bake-off point trigger specific challenges for bread manufacturers (crust-flaking and bread staling).

Double Bake Colour is specifically designed to overcome these specific par-baked challenges, allowing you to deliver outstanding quality and complete peace of mind from frozen bread producers to point of sale.

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