Taste Tomorrow Craftmanship

Craft is still HOT and offers added value in terms of freshness and quality perception

Lockdown sent consumers back to the high street to buy their breads and baking products at home - expectation on baked goods has grown as consumers seek out artisan and craft style products and are prepared to pay more for them.

Creating desirable products achievably.

Products that look and feel like they have come out of an artisan bakers oven or fresh truffles hand made by chocolatiers are highly desired by the consumer, however they are not always the most practical products to create. Especially given time and people restraints and the use of industrial equipment that is designed to create uniform products.

A little help from some Puratos products along with your skill can create ranges that consumers will love, providing solutions for all from craft bakers to industrial lines.


How do UK consumers define craft?

  • 68% Made by a craft baker
  • 62% Made by hand
  • 50% Original recipe
  • 41% Natural ingredients
  • 28% Created or made/baked in store
  • 24% Without preservatives

Storytelling is key and a great selling tool, whether told on packaging, posters or by word of mouth.

It is important to specify hygiene practice's alongside any handcrafted claim

What would help create the craft bakery feel and encourage shoppers? 

In 2020 communicating strict hygiene practices is important to reassure consumers shopping in small and artisan bakeries. Once the ‘hygiene factor’ is ticked all bakers can leverage traditions and heritage.

66% Would appreciate seeing bakery items being baked on site

Supporting local business

Products for that artisan look and feel

Craft style Ciabatta made on an industrial line

Try this exclusive recipe created for Taste Tomorrow

Taste Tomorrow Rustic Style Sprouted Rye Ciabatta

Rustic style ciabatta bread, with artisan look and feel, sourdough flavours and waxy texture with juicy softgrains. This recipe allows you create a rustic style bread on an industrial line.

Taste Tomorrow Rustic Style Sprouted Rye Ciabatta