Hot Cross Bun



  • Use a spiral mixer for 2 mins slow and 8 mins fast.
  • Add fruit (if using) at final stages of mixing.
  • Scales as desired 60 - 80g for rolls.
  • Hand up and rest for 5-10 mins. 
  • Mould as desired or through a roll plant.
  • Tray up 5 x 8 on a 18x30 inch tray. 
  • Prove for 60-80mins at 30 - 35oC and 80 - 85% humidity.
  • Pipe crossing mix through a fine tube onto proved buns. 
  • Bake at an oven temperature 200-230oC for 8-15 mins depending on size.
  • Glaze with Sunset Glaze on removal of oven. 

About this recipe

Hot cross buns hold a cherished place in British culinary tradition, especially during the Easter season. Their history dates back centuries, with roots entwined in religious significance and seasonal celebrations. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, these spiced buns adorned with a symbolic cross on top symbolize the end of Lent and the arrival of Easter Sunday.

Loved for their soft, fluffy texture and aromatic spices, they evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia, making them a beloved treat. Whether served fresh from the oven with a dollop of butter or toasted and paired with a cup of tea, hot cross buns are a quintessential Easter indulgence. 

Baking tip: mix the bun spice through the Dry fruit with a little boiling water. This will stop the spice retarding the yeast.