Hot Cross Bun


Soft'r Bun Concentrate - Bakery Ingredients 2.000kg
Bakers flour 10.000kg
Water 5.400kg
Yeast 0.500kg
Dry vine fruits 3.560kg
hot water 0.050kg
Liquid bun spice 0.100g
total 21.610
Crossing Mix
Soft flour 1.000kg
White shortening 0.300kg
Baking powder 0.010kg
Water +- 0.740kg
Crossing Mix total 2.050


  • Use a spiral mixer for 2 mins slow and 6-8 mins fast.
  • Add fruit at final stages of mixing.
  • Scales as desired 60 - 80g for rolls.
  • Hand up and rest for 5-10 mins.
  • Mould as desired or through a roll plant.
  • Prove at 30 - 35oC 80 - 85% humidity.
  • Pipe crossing mix through a fine tube onto proved buns.
  • Bake at an oven temperature 200-220oC for 8-15 mins depending on size.
  • Glaze with Sunset Glaze on removal of oven. Add some red food colouring to the crossing mix to make St Georges Cross rolls