Sourdough Fruit Cake


Working method

  • Add Satin creme cake mix, spice, treacle and sourdough of your choice to a mixing bowl and place on a Hobart mixer fitted with a paddle. 
  • Start mixing on slow speed and stream the rest of the liquids into the mix, when all liquids are mixed in, stop and scrap the mixing bowl down. 
  • Mix on medium speed for 4 mins. 
  • After mixing add all the dry fruits and candied peel on slow speed until mixed in.
  • Deposit 600grams into a 7 inch cake tin. 
  • Bake in a deck oven at 160c for approx. 90 mins. 
  • Wrap and keep for a couple of days before you decorate for a celebration cake.

About this recipe

Delve into the storied past of fruit cake with our Sourdough Fruit Cake, a modern twist on a Roman classic. This cake combines lush dried fruits and rich spices, enriched by sourdough's nutty, chestnut, and creamy notes. Our sourdough Sapore Rita not only enhances the cake's moist texture but also introduces a sophisticated flavour profile. Ideal for bakers who value both tradition and innovation, this cake offers a slice of history infused with distinctive, contemporary tastes.


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